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DXAir Pool Dehumidification Products

Veri-Dry, LLC builds a complete line of pool dehumidifiers for a variety of commercial natatoriums, residential indoor pools, hotels, resorts, physical therapy/rehab, schools, YMCA’s, athletic facilities and more. These systems provide standard as well as many new innovative features and advantages in each system. A variety of dehumidifier configurations are offered based on your natatorium design. Below you will find a brief overview of our systems. Please call us or email us at for additional information or pool dehumidifier selection or specifications for your project.

DXair Reduced Refrigerant Management Systems in 2-200 Tons: Utilizing Secondary Coolant Technology

We’ve been building our primary systems using the fluid cooler/dry cooler technology since 1988. Many companies claim 70-85% reduction in refrigerant using this “new” technology which has been around for over 30 years. For example, a DXAIR nominal 8 ton pool dehumidifier has 9.25 lbs. total refrigerant installed (R410A). A competing manufacturer’s NE Series 8 ton has 34 lbs. of refrigerant. We provide the least amount of refrigerant per ton in any system design today.

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The DXair G-90 Galvanized series is a liquid cooled packaged heat recovery pool dehumidifier that is factory charged and sealed; eliminating onsite refrigeration work. The refrigeration circuit uses glycol and water as a heat rejection transfer fluid to an outdoor fluid cooler or cooling tower. They are true Green Machines known as RRMS (Reduced Refrigerant System) or Secondary Coolant Refrigeration Technology (SCRT) since it uses approximately 80% less refrigerant the conventional DX systems with outdoor remote condensers. (See bulletin #28) The use of RRMS has substantiated many green benefits including lower installation costs, lower maintenance costs. Pool Heat Recovery/heat reclaim heating is accomplished using an external 3 way diverter valve to a stainless steel plate heat exchanger connected to the pool water. This option allows 100% system heat rejection to the pool in the cooling mode and is secondary isolation.

Other advantages to fluid cooler/cooling tower technology: There is practically no limit to the distance the outdoor remote fluid cooler can be located from the building, it is non-invasive, there is no breaking into refrigeration lines to service, and is used in “Green” or Leeds Certified applications. Copper piping is not required, water grade plastic is appropriate. Our fluid cooler/dry cooler applications use the least amount of refrigerant in any packaged dehumidification system.

The LV, EC & MC Series RRMS systems are built in R410A and have DuoGuard® coated evaporator coil or optional Bronze Glow Coating for coils, optional coated interior and exterior of cabinetry and in larger systems can be built in Stainless Steel. These systems are UL Listed and built in an ISO Rated Facility. Larger systems are built, tested and broken down to ship in modules for easy delivery and installation in mechanical space. Up to 10 Tons is built in single phase.

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