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DXAir Stainless Steel Indoor Pool Dehumidifiers

The high grade stainless steel SS Series pool dehumidifiers are available at this time in 3-6 Tons in Vertical Configuration and for a variety of applications (air cooled, water cooled, no cooling, cooling tower/building loop and geothermal open or closed systems).  

With the small footprint (60-5/8” H, 29-5/8” W, and 34-7/8” D,  these systems are designed for the smaller residential and small to medium size hotel pool projects. The high quality stainless steel cabinet and drain pan, along with all of the dehumidifier coils coated for protection, is more resistant to the harsh corrosive indoor pool room environments and offers a longer life span for your investment.  All DXAir dehumidifiers are ETL Listed, manufactured and supported in the USA with all parts maintained locally and support provided on a national basis.

Today’s pool room environments demand better technology and higher quality equipment, while reducing refrigerant,  and DXAir outperforms the competitors with our stainless steel dehumidifiers.  

Reduced Refrigerant Management Systems utilizing fluid cooler technology for over 25 years (Green/Leed).  All systems provide the least amount of refrigerant in any pool dehumidifier today.

  • R410A to U.S. Standards
  • The ability to utilize either fluid cooler technology, DX refrigeration based condenser technology for cooling, water cooled, building loop, or to be built as a complete geothermal open/closed loop system.
  • All internal coils are coated for added protection.  
  • Pool Water Condenser built into each pool dehumidifier for complete heat recovery/heat reclaim on a free heat basis.
  • 3 or 4 Row Field Cleanable Evaporator Coils (no 6 and 8 row coil design is utilized), allowing for ease of coil cleaning, and preventive maintenance.  
  • Two new models will be added in the next 30 days: 6 Ton with larger blower package to accommodate higher CFM projects, and a new 8 ton!

If you’d like to get a quote on how a DXAir system can compare to Dectron, PoolPak, Seresco, Desert Aire, Dry-Aire or DCA systems, please click on Request A Quote now!


DXair Stainless Steel Geothermal Dehumidifiers for Indoor Swimming Pools

DXair Stainless Steel dehumidifiers extended range geothermal quad models with MAX-evap are the perfect fit for high efficiency earth loop applications featuring 4 independent or combined functions.

Heating, Cooling, Dehumidification & Pool heat recovery

  • In the heating mode, the DXair Stainless Steel dehumidifiers extract heat from the earth loop.
  • In the cooling mode, the DXair Stainless Steel dehumidifiers reject heat to the earth loop.
  • In the DH (dehumidification) mode, the DXair Stainless Steel dehumidifiers disconnects from the earth loop, absorbs moisture from the space while adding 12 degrees F to the supply air.
  • In the pool heating mode, 25-30% of the DXair capacities heat is added to the pool water while in the cooling mode.
  • In the DH & Cooling mode, the DXair Stainless Steel dehumidifiers disconnect from the earth loop and distributes the sensible, latent and compressor heat to the space and pool simultaneously.

DXair Stainless Steel dehumidifiers features the one of a kind revolutionary MAX-evap On a call for dehumidification, MAX-evap maintains a 33 degree F evaporator temperature regardless of entering dry bulb or wet bulb temperature without compromising system air flow.

Replacement Pool Dehumidifiers For Hotels

Thousands of hotels with indoor pools built over the last 30+ years have reached the stage of retrofitting or replacing their pool dehumidifiers that have reached the end of their life cycle. Many systems fell short of their operating lifespan due to poor pool chemistry; systems not designed or sized properly, poorly installed, lack of negative pressure, or poorly designed air delivery/duct systems. Many pool systems are no longer energy efficient and operating costs are high. For any hotel manager, it is an extremely challenging process to cut operating and energy costs with indoor pools. However, today's technology in hotel pool dehumidifiers offers significant energy costs reduction, and many offer a wide range of improvement options over what was available even 5-10 years ago.

When retrofitting your hotel, there are several significant areas to review to ensure that your new pool dehumidifier will provide all of the updated "GREEN" technology, energy recovery, and benefits that support a longer life span and a healthy, stable pool room environment.

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Controlling Humidity in Natatoriums

Twenty years ago, humidity control for an indoor swimming pool was to bring in outside air while pushing the warm humid air outside with large exhaust fans. This process only worked effectively when the outside air temperature was cool and dry enough to allow for humidity control. This type of system is not only ineffective, but it is the most expensive to operate in a pool enclosure because it cannot consistently maintain the required 50-60% RH humidity levels. When compared to conventional ventilation or "waste ventilation" systems, recycling and dehumidifying pool enclosure air with a mechanical dehumidifier can save 50-75% on energy costs, maintain the 50-60% RH required by ASHRAE, and provide 100% room heating, air conditioning and pool heating.

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DXair Pool Dehumidification Systems

DXair has been designing and manufacturing indoor pool dehumidification systems for all types of natatoriums, water parks, aquatic facilities, homes, hotels, retirement centers, health clubs, pet centers, and more since 1987.

As a leader in the industy, DXair builds humidity control systems that are functional, energy efficient, and have the smallest eco-footprint. DXair is proud to offer a "green" solution to dehumidification systems, which substantially reduces the space and energy needed to control humidity in an indoor pool environment. DXair also provides design, engineering, consulting and manufacturing services for residential indoor pools and commercial indoor swimming pools.