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At Veri-Dry, we often come across articles from other professional sources that we feel provide valuable insights and/or information. We plan to provide the articles or links to the website of the source of the article - with their permission - so that you can stay informed about key topics in our industry.

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FAQs - DXair and Veri-Dry

Q. Why is a dehumidification system necessary for an indoor pool/natatorium?

A. Because they are large bodies of water, indoor pools and spas have a much higher humidity level than any other area of commercial or residential buildings. As this moisture reaches a 100% humidity saturation level within the pool room, humidity and moisture - if not controlled - are destructive to dry wall, wood, metal, insulation, interior structural members, and equipment. Additionally, this can foster an uncomfortable and unhealthy environment. A properly designed indoor pool dehumidification system will prevent the early deterioration of the structure by reducing the pool room humidity levels to the standards required by ASHRAE. While dehumidifying the indoor pool room environment, the system will also provide the necessary heating, cooling and additional free heat resources to the natatorium.

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DXair Troubleshooting

The following documents have been provided to assist you in troubleshooting various problems you may be experiencing with temperature controls, refrigeration system hunts, suction pressure and more. If you need additional assistance, we’ve provided the contact information for our technical support team for your convenience.

For additional assistance, please contact our technical support team.

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